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Does Dental Insurance Expire Every Year?

Branchburg Oral Surgeon Shares Dental Insurance Benefits Info You Need To Know Can you believe Thanksgiving is over, and the Holiday season is in full swing? The Thanksgiving turkey roasting is over, but before we get too busy window shopping and taking part in the traditional Holiday hustle bustle, we wanted to take this opportunity […]

Branchburg Oral Surgery is LIVE on Social Media!

Branchburg NJ Oral Surgeon Launches New Blog & Social Media Under extreme duress from our own team, various teenagers & soccer mom patients, grandparents, local civil servants, and even one elected official, we’re launching our office on social media and hoping you’ll join us. We’ll be sharing a little bit of what’s going on here […]

Wisdom Teeth FAQ

What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to form in a person’s upper and lower jaw. They are the most posterior teeth in the jawbones. Third molars came to be more commonly known as “wisdom teeth” since they are the last teeth to appear in a person’s jaw, at […]

Our New Blog!

Our blog has recently been set up. Please check back soon!